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Hi @deepaksharma  URL: AMANEC Thank you! 
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu  Thank you!If you also know how to change the strikethrough over the text to a diagonal line, I would really appreciate it. Thank you! 
Hi!I’m having a hard time figuring out how to grey out sold out product variants. I would also like to replace the strikethrough line with a diagonal line.Can someone help me?  Theme: DawnPassword: AMANEC
Hi, it's   AMANEC  Thank you! 
Hi, I'm having trouble setting up overlays. I created a new section and the overlay is sitting on top of the menu drawer. How do I fix it so that the overlay on this section will hide when you click the menu drawer?original pageafter clicking drawer ...
Hi, I need help on editing packing slips! I've managed to add the product price, shipping rate and order total quantity, amount etc to my packing slip. However, whenever an order is edited (ie. removing products), the amounts on the packing slip does...
Hi.I need help editing the collection page.  theme: Dawn 1. Adding vendor above product title2. Adding discount percentage after sale price  I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a helping hand.   
Hi Dan, I added the CSS code in the liquid file but the columns ends up not aligned.Do you know what the problem is?
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu  Thank you for the solution!Do I add them to the base css? Or to the main-register.liquid? As for the 2nd question, I meant adding box around each drop downs.   Many thanks for your help in advance.
Hi I need some help editing the customer register page (theme:Dawn). : AMANOUTLET 1. I was able to add the radio button but I want it aligned to the left.2. I would like to add frames to the the 3 drop ...
Hi !I need help regarding the terms&condition checkbox on the cart page.The problem is that when I enable the checkbox, it does the following to our website. -hides header/menus-product doesn't get added to the cart-checkout button as well as certain...
Hi @Dan-From-Ryviu Thank you so so much! 
Hi DanSorry to bother you again.Would you please help me again regarding coding?I want to show less margin on both sides for mobile.I would really appreciate if you can advise on where and how to edit
Thank you so much for the help!
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