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I'm sorry, guys, I know my question is only indirectly related to the discount function. But has anyone solved such an issue - how to obtain the value of presentmentCurrencyRate outside of the discount function (from type Input) in Liquid or through ...
Hello. Can you please advise on a method to obtain the exchange rate of the local currency relative to the base currency on the frontend? For instance, I have a discount value in the base currency stored in the product's meta field. I need to convert...
Despite the templates not being in the list, the metafields are successfully created programmatically using their template IDs: gid://shopify/StandardMetafieldDefinitionTemplate/6gid://shopify/StandardMetafieldDefinitionTemplate/7  
Hi guys, I want to use the standard metafields for product avg rating and product rating count.https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/custom-data/metafields/definitions/standard#list-of-standard-metafield-definitions Product rating (id#6)Product rating count ...
Hi guys, I would like to add two or more bundle offers to the cart using a single discount function and I don't see any reasons (based on logic) why they can't be applied together. However, currently the DiscountApplicationStrategy has only two optio...
For new readers - It appears that the limitation for metafield size has been changed to 10000 bytes instead of 1 KB, as seen earlier. See https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/functions/input-output#limitations
Hi, have you found a way to use metaobjects in Shopify functions, or are you using some kind of workaround? In my case, I'll have to duplicate the information from a single metaobject into metafields for multiple products. I don't like this approach ...
Hi,I am using bulk import for products, which is based on the last updated_at date. At the same time I need to retrieve information about any changes in product localization.Here is an example of the query I am using:  { products(first:50) { ...
I forgot about "Protected customer data access" in the App Setup section. The draft status of this request allows the usage the order webhooks since 2022-10 (for unlisted apps, of course). https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/store/data-protection/protected...
We have a partner app (public app in draft mode) with Amazon EventBridge configured.The app is subscribed to the ORDERS_UPDATES and PRODUCTS_UPDATE topics.AWS SQS receives orders and products webhooks when the Event subscriptions version is set to ei...
Hi everyone, I have a question about the orders GraphQL query. How can we retrieve the market ID using this query? The order object doesn't include the market_id field.I know that we can find the market using the country code, but it seems that the o...
 Hi guys, Is it possible to get value from User->Settings->Preferred language using any API method? 
 I'm new to Shopify, so it's possible that my question is stupid, sorry. How Can I update/create several different private meta fields for different products using one graphql query?  It seems that for non-private meta fields it's a metafieldsSet que...
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