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Hi, thanks for your reply. Ive done some thru fb, Instagram and am using flare which I just received a message from them suggesting I should use them. Lol. I’m just out of options financially. I’ve invested all my resources into this shop and am very...
Hello Gina, funny thing I’m already a member of flareAl and never was advised of this. Would you be able to elaborate as to why I wasn’t informed before? I’m on a fixed income because I have invested all my savings into this shopify store. I’ve been ...
Hi, I’m here again still with the same problem… no customers, no sales. I don’t know what am I doing wrong! Is it my products, is it the store? My store is Any advice is truly needed and appreciated. 
I’m back again with no sales. I’ve done everything  advised but still not getting any sales. Can anyone advise what I should do next. I got an expert to design the store and I love it and think it’s great but maybe that’s just me. My store is opensty...
Thanks for the info. I’ve been here before with this problem. I’ve had my store since July and I’ve received help and info from the Shopify community which I’m very grateful! I’ve done what has been advised and still nothing. I was advised my design ...
Hi! I’m back unfortunately. It’s been a few weeks and I’ve change the design to my store and still no sales. I’m running small ads thru social media and Google but nothing seems to work. I’m hanging literally from a string with this store. Any sugges...
You’re definitely a life saver! Thank you so much for your attention in this matter. I’m extremely happy with the new design because it’s so easy to navigate and so put together. Devs inside experts were so professional and so quick with a solution. ...
Thank you! I just had a redesign completed and I love it now. Thanks for the advice, truly appreciate it! 
Thank you so much for all the info! I truly appreciate it. I’ve decided to find an expert to design my store. I’ve tried so hard and I’m proud of how far I’ve come but truth be told… I’m not a web designer.  Again, I’m truly thankful for all your he...
Thank you. I am not getting any traffic. Well that i know. Im trying to adjust somethings that I was advised to do but im not too savvy with  web designing so lets see.  again, thank you for your help! 
Wow! There’s so much information and so many things to change. I am grateful for your help! The only thing is im not computer savvy and it honestly took me sometime just to get watch you saw up on my own. Is there someone that you can refer me to so ...
Thank you so very much for taking out time to help me! I do sell the products on my own no drop shipping. I will go over your suggestions and change the problem areas. Thanks again for all your help! I truly appreciate it. 
Thank you so much! My website is
Thank you for your response. Im on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. Im new to selling online and im learning a lot however the no sales has me bonkers! My shop is
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