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@Zqdo hi i need to make 2 banner one for desktop and another one for mobile. i try lot of ways from this forum but none of this fork for my theme.
Hi i got problem wih my home page banne. i created and add text to by custom css ( moved text to left top and centered button) problem is thats dont work on mobile and tablet is too big. is it any chance can someone help to code that? 
@shreyhweb How can I did that 
Sorry for that late respond. I got home banner changed and working perfect on deskopt but on mobile is to big. 
Hi i solved the problem with metafields and working perfect. I just looking now to make a clickable brew guide for hot and cold
Hi I create page product for every single type of my teas. Try use Collapsible row for ingredients list, aroma etc. Problem is i cant create blank and fill for every product different. I know there is way to did by metafields but i got 40 types of te...
@Toorbia yeah i done it as u said and still dont show my icon on list to change.
i have done like this in accordion liquid  
yeah found that before u respond  Its sorted but where i have to put the call in section of accordion liquid?
so i have a icon created as icon-aroma.liquid. Then i go to icon-accordion.liquid and create line like this  {%- when 'aroma' -%} <path d=There is photo the way i done it.  
@Toorbia where exactly ?  
Hi guys how can i add more icons to collapsible row on product page ? I find i need add icon to assest folder in svg format then add that to icon-accordion.liquid but seemsthat dont work, thanks for any advice. 
I want to get structure on page for h tag build like this  h1 : titleh2 descriptionh3 ingriedents list etch4 footer column section.  If u know anything about h tags structure for SEO and ranging on google can u check one of my product page and u will...
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