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We will.  I think everyone who has migrated from QB would love a solution
Yes thank you. We're using the payments report for the day to provide thecash and cc totals.
Yes thank you this is what we currently do...but it's the "report" and whatit's called and where I find that I am looking for. Can anyone put me inthe right direction?Thank you!
Thanks. Anyone know what it's called??##- Please type your reply abovethis line -##
Has anyone found a similar option to providing a Z report?  While I understand that it's not really the same as with QB POS since the payments were captured outside of the POS and Shopify payments captures them on it's platform. Our bookkeeper seems ...
Hi Tracey you can do this by selecting split payment instead of  cash or credit card.  Then you just enter the amount of the deposit and mark it as partially paid.  It will remain as partially paid until the final payment.  I can't remember tho if it...
Yes I discovered this and it works to only have online sales emailed. 
I have tried this myself and have been unsuccessful. It appears to be allor nothing.
Depending on whether you are just adding to existing inventory or addingnew products (ie they haven't existed in your system yet). This is allvery easily done via CVS. You can download the templatesdepending whether Product or Inventory fill in and u...
HI I just checked my own ability to bulk edit in Products and I can still do those edits.  We know this community is barely monitored so I would suggest you either chat into Shopify support (pretty quick and easy to do) or call their QB migration lin...
Hi allOur challenge with the QB migration tool for initial import of our QB inventory to the POS is it doesn't allow for additional tagging.  Since the Department field does not import into Shopify it would be helpful if I could tag the inventory pri...
Hi DDREAM I'm wondering if you have tried an alternative label printing app?  We haven't gotten to the point of printing labels for new PO's received but I think Barcode Man app will do what you want.  The Retail Barcode app from Shopify doesn't work...
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