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I've observed that a significant portion of my website's pages isn't being indexed. Specifically, 182 pages are experiencing indexing issues due to a 'Blocked due to other 4xx issue.' I'm quite perplexed and struggling to understand why this problem ...
yes I'm using dawn themethis is the code in settings data{"current": {"logo": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/trans_croped_d6198e78-4b07-41de-ba1d-1e5a31d0cfad.png","logo_width": 140,"favicon": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/favicon_2.png","type_header_font": "...
hello everyone,I get this message whenever I'm trying to change the colors of the website "No color schemes defined. Color schemes must be defined in settings_data and settings_schema files."how can I fix this?
Perfect! it worked!thank you so much 
Hello, I've set up PayPal as my payment option, but I've noticed that both the "buy button" and the checkout button are blank. Can you help me understand what might be causing this issue?
I got emails warning me that my domain would expire on September 18th, just two days before today. On September 18th, I went into the 'domains' section in the settings and chose the auto-renew option, believing it would prevent the expiration. Everyt...
can someone tell me how To Decrease The Height Of The Site Header In Dawn Theme? 
hey @flareAI I'm afraid that the traffic that I'm getting is bot traffic, my store still needs work and I understand why I'm not getting enough sales or trafficthe problem here is that the bounce rate and session periods are very sketchy. and The ref...
this is the referrer URL
Hello,since I opened my Shopify store in august I'm only getting direct traffic from the USA with a bounce rate of 94% and 00:00 average session duration.what could be the reason behind this?
Hi Summer, Thanks for your reply. I tried placing the payment again and it worked out.
I received an email informing me that the subscription payment failed and that it will be retried on 7 October 2022,this is the first month for me here and I haven't paid Shopify monthly subscription before, however, I paid for a domain from Shopify ...
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