Hi there, We are having an issue with moving from the Cart to Checkout. When we are in the Cart and click on Checkout it just refreshes the page. Any ideas?? Cheers
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Thanks so much 
Thanks. We have followed this and another similar solution.It has worked somewhat but now the checkout button has gone and is replaced by a tiny word “checkout”.It does take you through to the checkout page though - so thanks.
Hi Spicecraft,Thanks for this! Hope they sort it soon.
We have checked other stores in our region too and they are fine. We havenot had any response from Shopify yet and do not know how to solve this atall. Sorry we can't help.It's very frustrating as we are losing sales.
Hi there, all afternoon we have had customers contacting us trying to complete their purchases.  The checkout button does not take them through to the checkout page but instead returns them to the cart.  It appears others are having this issue also l...
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