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Ignore this - After some testing... CCS is activate by default on development stores it seems.
I've just created a development store for a client so we can test some features related to Carrier Calculated Shipping (CCS) / checkout rates apihttps://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shipping/setting-up-and-managing-your-shipping/enabling-shipping-carri...
Just posting this for future readers. This feature has been added in the 2024-04 API.https://shopify.dev/docs/api/release-notes/2024-04#shopify-function-apis-changes
If this is in the wrong forum - please let me know!Issue:When an item has limited inventory and is added to cart, both within a Bundle and as an individual item, the available inventory is not validated when added to cart, or the checkout is opened. ...
Currently, we can add line item properties to the parent bundle item. When the item is expanded, the line item properties are not added to the children items (ExpandedItem) on the final order. See example screenshots of the expanded item in Checkout,...
Really appreciate it @SBD_  Thanks!
Hi @SBD_ Hate to be the squeaky wheel on this - but we've just had another merchant using our app experience this issue. Is there an update on this issue?Thanks
Thanks for the reply @Liam! Amazing thanks.
requires_components is a core property on variants for bundle apps using the Cart Transform API. Is it on the roadmap to have requires_components added to the variant objects inside the webhook payloads for products? Currently, we need to make additi...
Hi @SBD_  - any developments on this issue? We've had another couple merchants stores returning the same issue randomly.Thanks! Any update is much appreciated.
@SBD_ We were able to replicate this again temporarily today. Again, the bundle product adds to cart but returns the same 422 error consistently "All 0 {product name} are in your cart.".When trying to remove the bundle product from cart, another 422 ...
Really appreciate it! @SBD_ 
I'm getting intermittent 422 Unprocessable Content errors on Merchants stores when adding bundle products to cart that run Expand. There's no reliable way to replicate the error, and the payloads for successful and non successful calls are exactly th...
Confirmed working as expected for us to. Thanks a heap!
Confirming the issue is still present for me too with these exact results.Also, the cart transform being removed on app uninstall isn't the occurring.
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