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Hey @Maximus75 ,You can create an additional template for your collection by going into the code of your theme and following the directions in this document here:https://shopify.dev/themes/architecture/templates#alternate-templatesThen in the new col...
Hi @DAVAN-ryan,Quickly checked the documention of Calendly.So you need to go to Online Store/Actions/Edit code and find theme.liquid file.Look for <head> </head>. You need to add this code inside the head tag:<script src="https://assets.calendly.com/...
Hello @Maximus75 ,you can export all products through a CSV file then add the tag to the products and then import them back.Or you can go to products. Mark the products you want. Then click on More Actions/Add Tags. Then apply the tag to all marked p...
Hi @Maximus75 ,just checked the Sense theme.Go to Online Store/Actions/Edit code.Find the file: main-product.liquidand add this at the top:{% assign productTags = product.tags | join: ', ' %} {% if productTags contains 'no-header-footer' %} <style>...
Hey,Log in into Online Store / Actions / Edit code.Search for theme.liquid file.Search in the file for this line of code and remove it. Hope it helps.
Hey just add this style:.featured-product a.link.product__view-details { display: none; }to your css file.Hope it helps. 
Hey WatsonPack,this is the property you need:body, .color-background-1, .color-background-2, .color-inverse, .color-accent-1, .color-accent-2 { color: rgba(var(--color-foreground),.75); }You can remove ,.75 and it should be like this:color: rgba(v...
Sure, you will need two css properties.This is for your mobile menu. It will hide it above width 768px.@media screen and (min-width: 768px) { button#menu-open-button { display: none; } } Your desktop menu will be hidden under 768px :@media screen...
Hey Smedly,are you talking about the banner with the girl on the homepage?If yes you can add this in your css file: @media screen and (max-width: 768px) { .templateIndex .slideshow-catalog-wrapper { display: none; } } It will hide the banner ...
Hey Hannahdossary,Here is a simple example using only html and liquid. You will need to style it and probably use some JS.<ul class="parent"> {% for link in linklists.main-menu.links %} <li {% if link.active %}class="active {% if link.child_active %}...
Hey BroadStreet2727,So one way is to use a background image instead of image tag.Another way is to disable right click but only on the image. You will need jQuery:$("body").on("contextmenu", "img", function(e) { return false; }); 
Hello Lizakind,you can connect your Shopify store only to a subdomain like:shop.yourdomain.comwhere shop is the subdomain.Unfortunately you cannot create something like:yourdomain.com/shopBecause this is a directory and you cannot assign CNAME or A r...
Hey,change the two dots after 20px: at the end to semicolon. Like this.padding-left: 20px;If it does not work again share a link to the page.
Hey,I think it's possible in the product itself when you create variants of the product to delete the variants you don't want. So if you scroll to the right on the Steel/Pink Variant you will see a bin to delete it.  Hope it helps.
So open featured-text.liquid file and replace this code:<h2>{{ section.settings.section_title | escape }}</h2> {{ section.settings.text }}with:<div class="featured-text"> <h2>{{ section.settings.section_title | escape }}</h2> {{ section.settings.text...
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