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I've added the Shopify Search and Discovery app to my store but it isn't working.  Shopify Support has said perhaps it doesn't work with my theme.  I'm on Warehouse.  Has anyone else had this issue?
I  am having the same issue.  I added an app to try and Block the IP address but that has not worked.  The app came back to suggest the below - which I've not tried yet - but I'm about to:- After a through investigation we suspect that these accounts...
We currently use Searchanise (and Boost before that) - but we're now looking for a filter app which you can use to filter by 'in stock' at a variant level.    Searchanise only works at a product level which doesn't work when we could have 5 sizes of ...
Can anyone recommend an app which will show sizes in stock on hover?  Like Hush clothing?  
I've just been in touch with support and they confirmed this URL is linked to their analytics and sometimes the google bots flag it.  She said it does not cause harm to our website - so to validate fix and it should resolve itself.
Hi there Can anyone tell me how to update the text/sizing on the sale badge in warehouse 2.0?    Also - the sale badge displays on our collections page with the word SALE and the £ off, however on the product page it only says SALE? ThanksC
I have 1 brand where the colour swatch appears on the product page (camouflage) - however the colour swatch for camouflage for this 1 brand is not showing on the collections page.        We have other brands where the camouflage colour swatch shows o...
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