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Hi Untamedtallow, If you want to see the sales for a specific affiliate's coupon code: You can use Shopify Flow (a free app, created by Shopify), to automatically tag orders that have a specific discount, and then you can filter your orders based on ...
Try creating an admin UI extension. Maybe use the `admin.collection-details.action.render` target? That way, you can display a banner on a collection page in the admin. (Not ...
Documenting your journey building a SaaS company is a great way to attract other developers, but a poor way to attract potential customers.
Hi Bejalebi, It's not really clear what your goals are here. I recommend pasting your code into ChatGPT, and asking it to update your code for you.
You might be running into the 10kb metafield size limit, then. I recommend only storing the IDs of products. I don't know if you are storing other information about products in the metafield, but it fills up fast.
Why not just use Liquid to generate a JSON object containing all the variants? You could use a for loop, and emit an array containing each variant's iD, title, price, and compare at price.
Well, what else have you tried? Have you run `npm run shopify app function typegen`? You probably need to regenerate TypeScript files based on the schema...
You probably can. At that point, you'll just have to be careful to not hit the input query complexity limit of 30. Reading a metafield value consumes three points towards that limit.
The `combinesWith` options, as well as the explanation for why only the greater of 2 product discounts will be applied to one product, can be found in the "Discount Combinations" article I linked in an earlier message.
Just to make sure to make a copy of your theme first. That way, in case anything goes wrong, you can quickly restore the previous state.
Hi Matthew, If you're looking for a way to create a single discount code that applies different discounts to different collections, you can try my app, Regios Automatic Discounts (Built for Shopify, 4.9 stars). Here's a screenshot of how you could se...
Hi CyrilCaesar, It looks like this popup comes from Yotpo SMSBump. Here's a screenshot of the HTML I saw in the Developer Tools in Chrome:  You can probably check the app settings to disable this popup, or just uninstall it. Best,Tobe
Hi INKLY, You'll need to calculate the discount percentage in Liquid. The formula is straightforward: Subtract the "price" from the "compare at price."Divide that number by the "compare at price."Multiply by 100.That's the percentage the customer wil...
Hi Dan-Hrpr, This doesn't seem like you're running into a limit (e.g. instruction count limit or input query limit). Specifically, the error message "TypeError: cannot read property 'reduce' of undefined" makes me think it's a JS runtime error. If yo...
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