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You can use Shopify Functions in the POS, but the POS doesn't seem to be consistently applying Functions discounts anymore:
Thanks for confirming that you're running into this issue - I was concerned I was the only one. It's hard to explain this issue to merchants, when it's not even clear what the issue is, besides "Shopify POS inconsistently handles Shopify Functions di...
Hi Trucranems, What are you expecting to happen to the shipping rate if the cart contains some items that are in the collection, but also, some items that aren't in the collection?
Anybody else noticing issues with Shopify Functions discounts on POS? I've received multiple reports from merchants recently of discounts not being applied on POS. But it works for these merchants on the Online Store, and it is the exact same code......
I recently received my first report about this error. The store in question was a Shopify Plus shop. No other store has reported this, in the almost 7 months my app has been on the App Store. I couldn't find any documentation anywhere on potential ca...
Hi Rabbie, Did you set the discounts up to be able to combine with other product discounts? You can find the "Combination" options at the bottom of the "Create/edit product discount" page. Here's a screenshot:  I also highly recommend reading Shopify...
You might be able to do this with Shopify Flow, but I'm honestly not sure if Shopify Flow can do math. If not, then you could build a custom app.
Hi Onyx_au, You could potentially: Generate a unique discount code for each customer that receives this emailSet the expiry date on the discount to 30 days after it was createdThat being said, this would be time-consuming to do by hand, so I would re...
Hi Emerald19, In Shopify, there are 2 main ways to offer price reductions: Discounts. These are in the "Discounts" page of the Shopify admin. You can have manual codes that customers type in at checkout, or automatic discounts. Discounts can optional...
If you're using JS on the Online Store, you can use `parseFloat(window.Shopify.currency.rate)`.
 Hi ChowBella, It sounds like you're looking for a way to have a discount code not only reduce a product's price, but also add another product to the customer's cart. If so, then unfortunately, this isn't possible in Shopify, as discounts can't add i...
I understand you don't want to use an app, but there's just no way to do this in base Shopify. You have a few free options, but all of them require coding. For example, you could write and embed JavaScript on your site that detects your desired produ...
Hi Katie, happy holidays. Did you ever find a solution for making some products only available for online purchase? I'm planning to build a new app that lets you control which delivery options are available for specific products. Would you be interes...
Hi Liz, Are you trying to have the discount apply automatically to orders over $400? Or do you want your customers to have to type in a discount code manually? Please let me know which, and I'll be able to help you find a solution. - Tobe
You can edit the checkout, but only on Shopify Plus. The old way (which has been deprecated) is called checkout.liquid. The new way is called Checkout UI extensions, and it requires either building a custom app, or using an existing public app. - Tob...
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