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Bio: Longtime digital marketer. I have spread third party cookies all over the place, back in the days when tracking was new and cool. I don't do this anym...

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Hi, Is there a way to add a subdomain (done that already) and then changing the theme only for that subdomain?What I want to do is, running a beta subdomain "beta.myshop.tld" and configure a brand new theme there for the people to test it kind of "in...
Hi,Ich habe einen Entwickler, der macht mir immer wieder individuelle Anpassungen an meinem Theme. Jetzt gehen die mit jedem Theme Update verloren, das jetzt schon beim zweiten Theme (zuerst bei "Taste", jetzt beim gekauften Theme "Xtra").  Der Entwi...
I'd like to do the same. Have you successfully done that?
Have you found a solution for this? I am looking for a similar functionality.
Hi Marta, Thanks for the reply. Can you please elaborate a bit more on the "Shopify Multiple Stores" feature? I somehow can't find details about it. Is this an additional App. For example, how can I configure the inventory and order syncing?  Br, San...
Hi there, I am running a shop and it is going well. Now I have the idea of creating a separate shop for just one brand and all of its products I already have in my existing shop. From users perspective, it should have:- separate domain- separate them...
Any updates on this? I have like 350 collections and I really don't see me adding them manually to a navigation... 
Have you tried the solution described here?
Hi, I am using Taste and would like to implement a better menu system as the one installed by default but I am struggling to find the proper app or theme settings. Can't be that difficult I guess, just need to be pointed into the right direction: Hor...
I use it and it is fantastic! Thanks DeJoy. Highly recommend it!
Yes sure. So first you go to Settings -> Custom Data -> Products -> Add Definition Give it a Name (e.g. Brand) and a namespace key (e.c. custom.brand) and select "collection" as the type.  Now you have to edit all your products and assign one of your...
Hi there, Does anyone know a working App to to schedule automatic posts to Instagram Stories from Shopify Products? There are a lot of apps that can post Images to Instagram Feed but I have not found one that allows to post to Stories. Can't be real ...
I would instantly purchase the paid option if you add the option to subscribe to collections and add the widget to the collections template in themes. Without that feature, it is not really helpful.  Also please consider to add all the translation  c...
It works thank you very much. I will mark it as solved in a minute. But might you provide me with the link to the documentation where I could have looked or found this myself? I tried hard and was not able to find it.
Hi, I can't find the proper way to call / load the collection object from a GID.  I am trying to access collection values (Title / Metafields) in a template.All I have available is a custom collection reference field: product.metafields["details"]["m...
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