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Bio: 5+ years as Shopify Dev. I'm here to help and don't overcharge. Slide in my DM or for business inquiries.

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Can't help you without knowing which theme you are using. Each theme has their own code base.
It's because Shopify automatically scales down your images to reduce the loading time causing high-resolution images to be blurry. Give me your images, you will try it out and suggest you the code. 
1. Go to Sections folder.2. Open header.liquid file.3. Go to line 700 or so just above a script tage4. Add this code <script>let items = document.querySelector(".header__inline-menu").querySelectorAll("details");items.forEach(item => {item.addEventLi...
It can be done with code but it will be expensive, you will have to pay more to develop the app than buy one from the market.
No. That's where premium themes shine.Fortunately, there are some free apps you can use: 1. Wishlist - Wishify2. Wishtack3. Wishlist Hero4. Advanced Wishlist
This is the code that gives out the error. The product form you are using from the 3rd party app which conflicts with Shopify Dawn theme. Try using a different app or add variants to each product even if it's a single variance. Otherwise, you have to...
You have to enable the auto play on the slideshow.
Go to the theme folder: Edit code > Sections folder > header.liquid and add the highlighted code.
Shopify dev here. I can code custom testimonials for cheap in exchange for a positive rating. DM me.
Hi SweetP, I'm a Shopify developer. I fixed a similar problem for my client a month ago. I'm just starting on UpWork so I need a positive review. I can do it for very very cheap ($10) in exchange for a positive review. You can hire me here: https://w...
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