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Hey Ollie. Thank you so much for message.
Hello. Does anyone have any advice on how to speed up the Shop?  So I checked the speed of my Shop on GTmetrix. Shop speed is 4.5 sec.  How can the speed be at 1 sec or 1.5? So I compressed all the images in the Shop. And I deleted the unnecessary ap...
Thanks men.
Yes. I asked. And they told me to I can add cards only to ONE call to action. But I have 3 per product pages.
Hi. I am beginner and I don't understand very good your question. Can you tell me how I can share code of header.liquid schema. Thank you.
Hi. I have 3 Call to Action Button per product page. I want to add cards below each. Also, I have 18 products (product pages with 3 CTA)  
Hello. I hope you are well. Can you help me how to add cards (PayPal, Visa, Master Card, and AMEX) under EACH CTA on the Product Page? So I have an app, and I can add cards on just ONE CTA with that app. I have more CTA on the Product Page. How do I ...
Hello. I hope you are well. Can you help me with how to have the option to enlarge the logo up to 450px? So now I can enlarge the logo up to 200. However, I would like a more oversized logo on the footer and checkout page. So how do I increase the li...
Hello. I hope you're well. I have a problem, and I appreciate your help. So, when you go in the product page in my Shop, you can see the "Dog Bed" and "Birth Ball" products and compare the price and the current price. Also, below that, it says: ,,Sav...
Hey Ahsan. I checked again, and this code only works for one "Dog Ramp" product. So I have 18 products in the shop. How can I make it work for every product? Thank you.
Hey Ahsan. This is good code. But I want to reduce the image only on the desktop. I don't want to reduce the image on my mobile phone. Can you customize the code for the desktop only? Thank you so much, and have a nice day.
Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, the Compare Table image didn't resize. I did everything you said, but it didn't work. So the Image with text section didn't reduce for the desktop.  
Hello. I hope you are well.  How can I reduce one image from the "image with text" section for desktop only?  So when I put full width, the image is great on mobile but too big for a desktop.  I find that if I put "medium" size, the image is excellen...
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