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Was just thinking Ron would it be possible for me to set shipping as free for Jason and Dave Warehouse (as you can do a different rate for each location I believe?) and then only stock more expensive products (complete skateboards) which would go ove...
Hey Ron. This was a really detailed response. It’s a shame but thanks forletting me know.
Hey all. I just received an order online and noticed they got charged shipping twice. Instead of £3.99 it was £7.98. I can see the reason for this is because we didn’t have one of the items in stock from our main fulfilment shop so it’s had to take i...
I'm not sure where I should go to find that code?
Hey all, I'd like to make the slideshow banners on my home page clickable. At the moment the link only works if there is a button displayed (which I don't want). https://scenicskateshop.co.uk Can see plenty of other posts in this forum for people ask...
This didn't work but I realised your original response did, My second slideshow didn't have the setting set to full width, soon as I toggled that it hid the dots. Thanks!
This did hide the dots but not the arrows and other bits.
Thanks again Richard. That worked for the top slideshow but didn't work for the second one below the collections bit. Reckon you can help me hide that too (it's the main one I want hidden).
I am using a couple of slideshows on my homepage but would like to get rid of the white dots that indicate how many images there are. https://scenicskateshop.co.uk I don't mind if the solution is to just make it all transparent but that would also ne...
That will do. Thanks Richard!
Looks like that did change the colour pop the tick but it has an outline that's white. I'd like to get rid of that too so it's just a clear tick if possible. Edit: - Or be able to make the outline black and maybe fiddle with how thick it is?
Hello Richard, When I added this code it also changed the colour of every other icon on the site. Is there anyway it can be done just for the tick? Thanks Jason
Hey all, I've been tweaking how the Pickup Available bit looks on my website. Ive managed to change fonts and sizes but not sure where I'd need to go to change the green tick that's before the word "Pickup". I would like to change it to a more appare...
That worked, thanks! Last bit would be playing around with the padding. I'd say at the moment there's a bit too much space. If I wanted to minimise it a bit is there code I can use to change it? Would be keen to play around and see what looks best
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