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Thanks. The most shocking was the way it was handled by Shopify. I uploaded about 50 screen shoots to show them the harassment and the correspondence between myself and SLASHCART and they never responded.I had documented EVERYTHING. From screen recor...
I hired SLASHCART Shopify Expert to help build my website. They didnt do the job I paid them to do.  Also, they "bootlegged" a paid theme, telling me they were giving it to me for free. The developer found out and made me pay for it. Slashcart is run...
Their experts that one can hire are a NIGHTMARE. i hired SLASHCART. Not only did they use a bootleg theme without telling me which caused me to have to pay an extra $215 but they harassed and stalked me on social media, messaging my customers leaving...
I wouldnt be flexin' that Muhammad aka "Sam" used a PAID theme. He boot-legged a theme then re-named it to try to disguise it, and Yuva and Shopify are both aware and are taking action.
Never in my LIFE have I experienced this level of depravity that Shopify shows its merchants.I dont know if this is Canada or just really shameful human behavior.The customer service is the lowest of the low.They appoint Shopify Experts to represent ...
My themes are not visible to anybody. And my website is password-protected. Nice try, clown. 
This is reprehensible , the attack on myself and my customers on a platform outside of shopify. for seven years, I have built a reputation as a stellar merchant, and arthur at slashcart is unleashing an attack on me on Facebook. I had to contact Go D...
When the expert has acted in this manner, and Shopify has failed to resolve the issue on behalf of their long time customer of seven years, this is only place left to vent my frustration.  and please tell me where it is that I said I don’t have evide...
 you have terrorized me. I have screenshots from every zoom meeting we have ever had to confirm that this is in fact you. You, "Arthur", ARE Muhammad Usman and i have sent images/messages/ screenshots to shopify. You're being investigated for harassm...
Muhammad Usman is Arthur’s real name and he has gone onto my Facebook business page and harassed and stalkex my customers. He has left a false negative review and has left negative comments under 15 pictures. I have documented This and submitted all ...
I've taken every step possible. I've uploaded conversations, screenshots, images, pictures, contract, videos. 
I hired SLASHCART to do the job. Naively, I paid up front, and he even had me write a review for him BEFORE the job started. I wrote a review, hoping it would push him to do the job. For weeks he led me on, saying he would do what I paid for and what...
same. After seven years, I am switching to Wix or Weebly. They screwed me over by taking my money for Shopify expert that did not do the job and they are refusing to refund me. I am opening a case with my bank.
They absolutely don’t care about their customers. we all need to leave. Us staying is making them money.
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