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No, the POS only works on iOS, so iPads and iPhones and perhaps some android devices. Likely to be remain this way.
Yeah it can update inventory numbers in Quickbooks when purchases are made.Here's a link with a list of all the quickbooks/shopify actions that can be synced with Zapier.  So far we've had a really positive experience with Zapier and have expanded it...
+1 also wondering this
We did not find a solution native to Shopify.  So, we ended up signing up for Zapier, the online automation platform. It allowed us to create automated tasks across a bunch of platforms, with custom triggers.So, for example, any time someone creates ...
Hello,We use Prestige Theme to sell products.  Our products are often sold by the square foot.On the default product page there is a feature that tells customers how much inventory is in stock.  It uses generic language: "198 pieces in stock".We woul...
We would like to synchronize the customer databases between Quickbooks Online and Shopify. When we add a customer to Shopify, we want it to be automatically added to Quickbooks as well.  And vice versa - when we add a customer to Quickbooks Online, w...
That's basically what we want.  How do we customize our POS?
Hello,Is there a 3rd party app that will allow us to print a full-sized 8.5x11 paper receipt from the POS?We use iPads to checkout customers using Shopify POS in our store.  We have regular printers, and do not wish to purchase receipt printers.Is th...
So not even a 3rd party app will give the POS a "print" button where it will print to a normal printer?Or can some of those apps do that?Agreed - not sure how this isn't a feature.  We do not want/need a receipt printer as we have regular printers.  
Hello, The registers at our brick and mortar have Mac desktop computers. So if possible, we’d like to avoid also having an iPad there.    Does Shopify POS work on a Mac desktop computer? Having trouble finding the correct answer.  Thank you  
Thank you again for your help.  The URL is
Thank you!Our URL is -
Hello,We are looking to display the inventory/stock count on the collections page.  I believe this requires editing the code.  How can this be achieved within the Prestige theme?Thank you,P.S. - we saw a response on how to accomplish this in the Crav...
This is excellent, thank you.Can you share how this can be accomplished in the theme "Prestige"? Let me know if I should create a separate question for this.  Cheers.
Thank you for the help. Im talking specifically about editing the POS app for use in our retail location. Will that code change edit the POS, or just the online store) thank you
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