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OMG.  Thank you so much.  I am forever in your debt.  I really appreciate all your help
you really are so kind. I've invited you as a staff.  Let me know if you need anything
yes sir.  And the client logos underneath
Amazing.  Cleared my cache now its showing.  Thank you. The next problems are just about animated widgets.  I was looking for a number counter widget and a clients scrolling widget like is on my WP page.  Do you have any ideas?
Did that but unfortunately, no change. 
I added .header__menu-item span:active but I don't think Shopify recognises this
OMG!!! It works.  You are amazing.  Is it possible to actually have it on active too and not just hover?
That's very kind of you.  The store is https://pitchplan.myshopify.com/We can start with gradient linear for the menu active and hover like the WP
I created a custom.css.  All the other code in it works fine.  Even the code for the menu I can change to any other colour but a linear one.
We currently have a WordPress site (https://pitchplan.com/startup-home/), the client wants to recreate this theme in Shopify and I've done a pretty good job so far (pitchplan.myshopify.com), I am just stuck with a few things and need someone to help ...
@Ivy  Could you provide some guidance?  I read the material you suggested and tried migrating with the plugin but it limits me to 10 pages.  It doesn't even appear that those 10 pages were accurate. So I tried copying the html code and pasting it int...
you are so awesome. Thank you
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