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Hi @sepehrnava,Our team also is interested to provide our customers an account creation via social media login and not email + password.Did you already found a solution to this problem? Greetings
Hello @AlexeySergeev and @ShopifyDevSup , I am running in some kind of similar issue and would be thankful for input.We created our custom application and created a checkout in which the user in the end gets forwarded to the returned 'webUrl' page to...
Hello everyone, Our team is currently implementing a checkout and is struggling to complete it. As in the title described, we completed checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV3 (no exception thrown or error code in result) however no order was created ...
Thanks for the fast reply! I will try it with your suggested approach.
Hey @rkmsoftware, Do you found any solution?I am experiencing the same problem right now and don't really know how to continue. Kind regards
Answer:Open Shopify SettingsClick 'Checkout'In 'Customer accounts' select 'Accounts are optional' or 'Accounts are required'Hope it will save some time for other people with the same problem. 
Hello everyone, Right now I experience troubles with the StoreFront API "customerCreate". Maybe someone can help me out on this.The setup looks as follows:storeFrontApiVersion '2022-07' All permissions set including: unauthenticated_write_customersEm...
Hello everyone, I have some problems understanding how it is possible to receive an image object of the StoreFront API in the Metafields. If I drag images in the Metafields I get a list of ids as a result: ["gid://shopify/MediaImage/00000000000000"] ...
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