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All apps on my store are not working after the second load  (when I load the page for the first time, they work however when navigating to another product page they stop working).  I inspected the elements and I saw this error there What's written in...
Yes it's working on my website so far and I've seen many Shopify websites using the same strategy, so it's the only possible solution. Also as I mentioned earlier, Shopify support said that there's no possibility of adding more than 1 tag filter curr...
Hello Zqdo! I appreciate your answer, now I tried this solution on tags filtering but it doesn't work unless we're filtering by only 1 tag, and no matter what I tried nothing seems to work and I believe it's not achievable to have multiple tags filte...
Problem explanation:I have a Shopify store and I want to add multiple filters for tags, my product tags look like thisproduct 1: Face shape diamond, frame size medium, frame shape aviatorproduct 2: Face shape heart, frame size small, frame shape squa...
I'm using the app "Search & Discovery" and I want to add 2 filters both of the type tagsHowever when I added 1 filter of type tags the tags type got disabledIs there a way to add more than 1 filter?   
I tried going to "ship-product-thumbnail-gallery.liquid" and changed arrows="false"in <slider-engine> to arrows="true" But it didn't work, any suggestion on how to fix this?
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