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Oh, never mind. Just saw shippingAddress.coordinatesValidated. Haha all that time thinking and writing before carefully looking at the docs臘
Here's what I'm doingCreate a draft order, provide a shipping addressComplete the draft order, an order is then completed When a bad address is passed to the draft order creating,eg "shippingAddress": { "street": "Bad Address", "unit": null, "c...
When completing the draft order, is there a way to not send an order confirmation email?
This GraphQL query can be provided with a query string that can search the title but I want to search the actual discount codes. This GraphQL query
There's not even a way of doing this through the UI..
This section describes how merchants get app credit when downgrading to a cheaper plan. I'm just trying to make sure if this also happens when downgrading to a free pla...
Got it, thanks. That's really inconvenient though. I wish ProductImage and MediaImage pointed to each other.
I have an app that manages product images. My database already has image ids stored ("gid://shopify/ProductImage/xxx") for when I need to replace them. I see `productImageUpdate` is deprecated and I should use `productUpdateMedia` instead. However, `...
Yes, it's different. Which is annoying because I can't figure out how to get the MediaImage ID from a ProductImage ID
It's still an existing issue. But it doesn't bother me since that app doesn't have any paying customers 
I'm reading this and I'm wondering if there is a way to see this deferred status and the subscription cycle end date through the Graphql. For example, if a merchant downgrades from a ...
Wow, this has been unanswered for 8 years. Here I am in 2022 finding this after not finding anything in the API about the custom proxy prefix.
Ah, thanks. I've never considered Shopify Mobile. I should really be testing there too. Weird though that my browser never blocked assign so it's been working for me.
The oauth guide uses the Redirect action of AppBridge to escape the iframe. Is there any advantage to using AppBridge instead of simply doingwindow.parent.location.assign(permissionUrl);?
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