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Hey everyone, I just can't seem to get my head around setting up shipping rates. One moment I think I've clocked it and then I go back to it several times to correct it. Firstly, I am using Printful on a Basic Shopify plan and thus cannot enable live...
I am trying to activate 'Printful's live shipping rates' on my shopify store front and when i tick the box and hit save it just seems to be stuck on the loading circle. Do I just have to wait longer or should it be instantaneous?
Yes, so I want to keep my collections as names of artists only, so when the customer goes into collections it's artists only. So do you think I can categorise clothing as unisex, mens, womens, kids without making them as a collection or will i need a...
Is it possible to do it without making a collection?
How do I assign labels/tags to clothing such as 'Unisex', 'Womens', 'Mens', 'Kids' etc so I can categorise them into submenus and when I click 'Shop' in menu and choose from Submenus pictured they appear in there?I am trying to do it but find the onl...
I have a number of different collections and for each of those collections I am using an Image with text at the top of the page to give a little info about the specific collection. It would appear I cannot have multiple though as whenever I set one i...
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