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@Silk21 Here are the steps for reproducing:1. Create a new subscription via Shopify Checkout and use Shop Pay as the payment method.2. Create another subscription via the Subscription API and use the Payment Method ID from the first subscription.3. C...
@Silk21 This is still a big issue and has not been resolved yet, unfortunately. I've reached out to Shopify Partner Support and they relayed the message to the API team 2 weeks ago -- but no clear indication of when it would be resolved (could be mon...
This seems to be an issue now with more and more customers having trouble updating their payment method for their subscription(s) via Shop Pay. Does anyone have any way to resolve this or has anyone else been having this issue?Much appreciated!
We are currently seeing a lot of issues recently where some customers can't update their payment method for their subscriptions if they use Shop Pay. They receive the e-mail to update their payment method that's connected to the subscription. There's...
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