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Hi all, I am trying to extract an overview of all transactions paid by Shopify payments. For this I have tried to use the 'export transaction' options in the payment screen and it gives a me...
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Hi all, We are EU-based business and use the Dutch national postal service (PostNL) for shipping our goods to customers worldwide. Because PostNL is the designated national postal service all postal shipments are tax exempted. I could image similar r...
Hi Sahil, Thank you for your reply but I don't think it is what we are looking. We are building a new landing page for this, so it is not product page.
Hello, I am struggling with the integration of the Calendly app. Unfortunately the support from Calendly has been lukewarm. Unlike what most appointment apps offer, these appointments should not be associated with any of our products, but rather they...
Hi, Our store develops custom paints which are unique for each customer. For this reason we ask our customers to review the company / service as a whole, rather than the specific products. At the moment we are using Trustpilot. But as we grow our bus...
Thank you for your suggestions.
Hello, Our company is both the manufacturer and distributor of the products in our store. Every product in our store consists of 2 or 3 underlying parts. It seems the standard Shopify inventory feature only recognises the 'top level' product inventor...
Hello, We have a large catalogue store with currently 1.000+ products and growing. For this reason, we are looking to improve our product filters, and get the right product in front of our customers in fewer clicks/steps. Currently we use standard fi...
Hello,The link is https://www.rotaris-paint.com/pages/test-page  
Hello, I'd like to add a 'contact us' button to a RTF page that I am building and would like to button to look in line with the rest of buy buttons in our store.I have tried to create the button in an online button generator, but when I copy the code...
 This problem was solved by updating the weight restrictions in the shipping zones.
Hi all, We have just noticed a really strange problem: When placing more than 1 product in the shopping cart, customers receive an error message saying 'order can't be shipped to this address' and as a result they cannot proceed to shipping method & ...
Hi, Customers are sending me emails to ask why they don't receive confirmation and track&trace email from our store. When I go to a particular order and click 'resend email' I get a red error message saying 'Server error'. How to resolve this issue? ...
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