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I would like to create the following logic in shopify. In order to calculate the price of a product the length (in centimeters) is a variable. Ideally a customer is able to enter a number of centimeters (e.g. 22.5 cm) and the price is automatically c...
Yes this worked. Thanks !
I would like to be able to hide variants that are not available (out-of-stock). Currently they are grey and not selectable. But I want to make sure these out-of-stock variants are not visible at all.What do I need to do? I am using theme Symmetry.
Hi I added this script but still the checkmarks are black on mobile
I pasted it in the file styles.css.liquid and saved. But still on mobile the checkmarks display black instead of blue.
Hi, Thanks for the reply. I have send you a message with the url and password.Kind regardsArne
I used a font color in a specific page which is different from the css using the following code:<span style="color: #3db6f9;">✔ </span> The color shows fine on desktop (Safari, Chrome on Mac and MS Edge on Windows), but it shows as regular black on S...
I am using the symmetry theme. I would like to use an icon image in the unsorted list instead of bullets in the product description area. Ideally using css. Can anyone explain which steps I need to take?
Hi @Developer-G I found the code and changed it as you described. This works ! Thanks.
Hi Guleria,Thanks for you reply. Where do I need to change the fieldtype? Do you mean in the code? If so where can I find this? I know a little coding but I do need some guidance 
I would like to add dynamic content within my product templates. I understand how this works using metafields. However I would like to use dynamic content using a section where an image has overlay text. For example the section "Image with text overl...
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