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Hello! Is there any way to move the product information container lower? It's the class that's called .product__info-wrapper.grid__item  and it's too close to my header information, I want to bring this whole section down. Any help please? I can prov...
Hello again, my dear friend! I'm sorry, maybe I didn't explain it clearly enough. First of all, I don't want a red border, I just drew it to show everyone where I want the image to appear  I made a new drawing below, to show you what I want. If the ...
Hello! I have a question and I am using the Dawn Theme. Does anybody know if there is a way to get rid of these borders around the image in image with text section? I want the image to be as big as the red border I drew on the picture, and not have b...
You know what, it's ok! I think this position is enough and it doesn't need further modification. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me! I appreciate it very much!  ❤️
Hmm, maybe it did move but I didn't notice it! Can we move it more to the left, please?
Thank you, it worked! You are great and you saved me so much time and I deeply appreciate it!  ❤️
I'm sorry, it seems like I can't send you a PM 
Yes, I am sending it right away through PM! Thank you! 
My dear friend, it worked for mobile but not for desktop. Any ideas why?
Hi all! I want to move the logo icon on the header to the left, in the place I show on the picture. I found a code to do this, and I managed to do it but the position of the logo also changes on mobile, which I don't want. I want the position of the ...
 Hello everyone! I am using the Dawn Theme and I have already used a custom code to have 2 different banner images for desktop and mobile. Now I want the desktop banner height set on "medium" (which I can customize from the theme editor), and the mob...
Hello everyone! So, I found a code online and I managed to have 2 different banner pictures for both desktop and mobile.Now I want to move the banner content (text & button) to a different position for the desktop version (all the way to the left) an...
Thank you so much! It worked 
I sent you the information. Thank you!
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