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Yes, but i dont know how to this, and i cant find any guides one google. Do you have any answers? 
Hi,it is products that you can bundle with the main product.
Hi! I vant to know how i can add Shopify's new Search and discover complementary product to product page. i am already using a app. But id like to implement the code so i can use shopify's new metafield:  My question is, how do i add complementary pr...
Here is how my table is looks: How do i fetch the barcode data from shopify?Here is the code:{% if product.metafields.custom.tilstand %}<table><tr class="gray-row"><td><b>Tilstand: </b> {{product.metafields.custom.tilstand | remove: "]" | remove: "["...
Oh, i have not published it, because it shows as a bulletpoint. I think the problem is when i use a sertain metafeild, it shows as bulletpoint, and another as regulare text. Is there any way to go around this. Because i have more than 2000 products w...
It does not show up as bulletpoit when i use another metafield. 
Hi, thank you.
How do i add this metafield without it showing as a bulletpoint? 
@DavidEKim Great, thanks. I will try this out 
Not a dropshiping store. 
@Ujjaval Thank you for the reply. But i cant find how to remove the thousand seperator. Only the comma seperator. 
Is it possible to remove the thousand seperator?
Yeah i cant find it with "and" either. So i think it is a code thing. In the meantime i am using this code as shown in previous discussion: replace: ",", ", 
Yes, this is an example of my metafields:Example of one metafieldHøyre linje 1-5 is not part of the Table. Video is another fields aswell.
I tried that but it is not showing. Do i have to change this is code? I am using the Warehouse theme. 
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