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Thank you for your quick response @BSS-Commerce that has worked!
Hi @BSS-Commerce I have another question to add to this thread.  When I use the filter (Formally "Brand" now changed to "Artist") and select an Artist to filter by, the selected option still shows "brand" how do I change this to "Artist" instead? See...
Heya, @KetanKumar and @LitExtension you have both managed to solve issues like this for me in the past- do yo maybe have any suggestions? Any help would be much appreciated!  
Hi all,  I am trying to link my Elfsight widget to a custom button on my product page. I followed the instructions on Elfsight's help forum (see here) but still having no luck- just getting a 404 rather than the form opening-up This is the code I add...
Hi @PageFly-Victor @GemPages  @Honeypot , unfortunately, that doesn't work for me as then it hides the slide on all the pages even if the slide is filled in. For reference, I am using category metafields to autofill the slide content on a template th...
Hello! Not all of my collections have enough images to fill a 5 slide slideshow so they have empty placeholder slides that rotate through after their pictures are up which isn't ideal. Is there a way of hiding these empty slides/placeholders if they ...
@LitCommerce Thanks for this solution- it worked for me!
Thank you @oscprofessional all fixed! 
Thank you @harivishwakarma  ,  @oscprofessional & @Ujjaval  your suggestions have all worked, the icons are in the correct place!  My only issue now is that the icon is still flashing very large when new pages load- see the screenshot below.   Do I n...
Hello,  I need some help with my social buttons, please! Two problems. First, I added my social buttons to my header by inserting this code at the end of my header.liquid file, but they are in the wrong position- they need to be next to the search bu...
Thanks @alexthemeborne that video tutorial worked for me too!
@BSS-Commerce thank you! Works like a charm!
@BSS-Commerce Just checking in to see if you have any further suggestions?
@GemPages thank you! that has worked 
@GemPages Ah I see... is there a way of making it sticky when you scroll down as well?
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