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@ShopifyDevSup I just wanted to make sure I get this correctly. What in the Rest API is called source_name, in GraphQL can be found under (modified for GraphQL standardization), and when I want to filter orders for an app, I can use the ...
Hi, looking at  I see there is are the following options for the source chargerefunddisputereserveadjustmentcreditdebitpayoutpayout_failurepayout_cancellationMost of these I can f...
I am looking at the endpoint This is the documentation for the 2024-01 release candidate, and it looks like a new field called adjustment_order_transactions was added. This field...
@ShopifyDevSup  Any update on this? Regarding the workaround, I have found a quite common case where it doesn't work. When a customer updates an order, and adds an item which is paid for by a gift card. The created date is the time of the original or...
 I want to get all tenderTransactions from a specific gateway for a specific time period. Is this possible? I know I can pull OrderTransactions, and then filter out only the transactions for the specific gateway, but this seems wasteful. Why make the...
Is there any way to get the tender transactions for only a single gateway? For example, I only want to get tender transactions for PayPal. Is there any way to do this?If not, are there any plans to support this?
@ShopifyDevSup What I really want is to match transactions to Agreements (in graphQL), let's look at a sample use case.1. customer makes an order.2. customer pays for the order.3. customer edits the order, either adding items, or exchanging items.4. ...
Anybody? How do I match agreements to transactions? How do I find out which items are covered by each tenderTransaction?
I wanted to know if there is a way to match which Line Items are covered by which transactions? Or at least which agreements are covered by which transactions?  
It seems to me that they removed it. Instead in the unstable version of the API there is now a full connection to the order.@Josh Are there any plans to add it to a release soon? 
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