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Hi.I'm building a fine art print store and would like to setup a unique size chart for each product using a pop-up link. The image that pops up will show a dummy holding a frame in different sizes for that specific art piece. Meaning I will have a di...
Hi, did you find a solution for this? Thanks.
That worked! Thank you so much!!I have one more question, if you don't mind...Now the drop down menu appears to be out of frame.I tried applying the code below but again it didn't work in the CSS style folder.In order to do that, should that or simil...
Hi @uiooo ,Thank you for responding. Unfortunately, that's not a good solution for me at this point.
Hi Theodore, Thank you so much for trying to help!I tried but unfortunately didn't work... It works with Inspector perfectly but not when applied to CSS file. 
Hi @Made4uo-Ribe , Than you so much for responding! I tried but it didn't budge...It works in the Inspect tool but not when I apply the code in my theme CSS file (styles.css.liquid in my theme).Would you have any other ideas? Thank you!!
Hello, I've been trying to move the burger menu to the top left corner, so it aligns with the cart icon (see image below).I'm able to do it with the inspect tool but not when i add it to my CSS liquid. I can't seem to find the right class. Can someon...
Hello, I've created a 3 tab full-width description on my product page, using the HTML section in the Products-page of Shopify.Now I would like to separate the text in each tab into 2 separate columns (in specific places).If you look at the picture be...
Just a follow up, I was able to align them by constraining the sizes in CSS and removing the gap between. Thank you again!
Hi Paul,Thank you for responding!Both images are actually squares. There's white background, surrounding the frame, within the image.  Now that I think, I should have probably mentioned that, because it's a bit confusing. Knowing that, would anything...
Hello, I'm hoping that someone can help me align the complimentary images below the product description on the product page (see image below). They used to be in a column, with the title and price on the side of the image and I want them in a row, wi...
Aah sorry about that... You can see it now. 
Hi David, Here's the link to the site http://ad6568.myshopify.comPW: tomato123 Thank you so much!
Hi, I've been trying to align the images of the complimentary products (the "pairs well with" section) on my product page and I can't seem to get it right.The images were originally stack in a column (with the titles on the side) and I would like the...
Hello Everyone, Would anyone know if there's a carousel slider app that is able to display images with different ratios and align them by their height, without cropping the images? Like in the image below..Thank you in advance!   
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