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Just needed to wait apparently. The next day it worked fine
Hey @TillBa  I solved it, but it's not the ideal solution, because there isn't any (basically if you update your theme you will have to check this again to see if they changed the texts and adjust accordingly).Just go to the 'main-cart-items.liquid' ...
Hi, I'm on Dawn 11.0 Whe the user subscribes to my newsletter they always get a confirmation e-mail asking to confirm that they want to receive marketing e-mails.I disabled Double opt-in in the Notification settings and they are still getting this co...
Hey, I'm on Dawn 11.0 After creating a pop up to "subscribe to my newsletter" I found that if a user tries to subscribe again with an already subscribed email, the app will not show any error message.If the rest of the info (besides email) is the sam...
Hi @Rishihuptech  Yes, the code is there. My store is password protected, and it's in final stage of testing, I can't share it right now. But that's not the problem. I'm not saying the number does not show up, I'm saying the number shows up, but it's...
I'm on Dawn 11.0 This is easy to reproduce, imagine you have an empty bag, if you add an item to the bag, you see the bag icon in the header increase its number to 1.If you hit the Back button on the browser (mobile or desktop, does not matter), it w...
Hey @j30 , that does not work. But I found a solution.If anyone has this same error after clicking the checkbox in Dawn (my version is 11.0):The problem is a function inside cart.js which runs anytime an "input" changes. It assumes that all inputs ar...
Hi! I'm on Dawn 11.0 When I buy a giftcard (to offer someone) and reach the Cart page, I see the giftcard fields (image below) are all in English, how can I change those fields language/wording?I searched in Theme -> Edit default theme content, but f...
Hey @TyW ,  I'm using Dawn 11.0, and after following these steps, every time I tick the checkbox, an error appears saying something like "an error occured. try again later".Analyzing the Network tab, here's the error, it's a 400 Bad Request to /cart/...
Hey! I have the same problem, did you find a solution?
Hey! I have the same problem, did you find a solution?
@azamgill Even using Shopify's own discount calculator (which I just found), for the same case I presented, says it's 5.25   
Thanks! Those rules are weird.. Is there any place where I can see those rules in order to mimic them? Otherwise it's impossible for me to show the same prices as them
I also have the same problem...Sorry? How is this part true?"0.6375, which when rounded down to 2 d.p. becomes 0.63"  I don't really understand the logic behind it.. Can you provide math proof? Even using your own liquid's Round method, it gives me 0...
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