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Hi!The apps that boost page speed may contain cheating metrics.Here is a post explaining this from Shopify experts: speed up the site use as few Shopi...
Hi!You can add Shipping methods schema markup and Return Policy structure data effectively using the SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup app. If you have any questions, you can write to the app support and they will help you.
Hi, you need to add a comma here: 
Hello! The SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup allows to add article schema and many more schema options.
Hello!Prices are probably added by schema markup, so you can try to remove prices from your schema markup for products:However, this may cause Google Search Console issues and is not recommended. 
To make your site more structured and understandable for Google, you can add more schema markup to your site. Schema markup is a special code that helps search engines better understand your website content.You can do this using relevant apps from th...
Hello!First, you must remove the incorrect code that causes the problem from your theme. After that, you can install a new schema markup using Shopify apps.For example, you can text to the "SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup" support and we will help you s...
Hello!You can add  shippingDetails and Return Policy using the "SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup" easilly
Hi!Sometimes this may happen if you have several product schema markups on the page and they conflict with each other. In this case, you need to remove all schemas except one and make sure that it is set correctly.
Hi!If you didn't change product thumbnails, you should probably text to powerhouse support with this issue
Hi! First of all, you need to remove all schema apps that you don't need. Some SEO apps can also add schema. After that, you can check the files theme.liquid, main-product.liquid. Some schema can also be added by the theme your are using.
Hello! To add the field 'name' you can use the schema markup app for Shopify.For example, in "SA SEO JSON‑LD Schema markup" app you need only to install and activate the app, and the field "name" will be added automatically.
Also, you can add more schema markup to your store, such as information about your website, webpage, business, shipping methods, working days, contact points, return schema. Currently, this schema markup is not added to your site. JSON-LD schema mark...
I would create an Instagram page and integrate it with Shopify. Arter that, try using Instagram Shopping.Or you can also try Google ADS
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