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Bio: Hello, my name is Schuyler (sky-ler) I am a father of 4, passionate angler, and proudly own Erie & Creek Tackle - a fishing sporting goods retailer.

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Hey everyone,  Just curious if anyone uses a different terminal such as Priority Payments based out of Montreal? They've been calling and following up with me as I am a bit skeptical. But they have some very attractive rates when it comes to payment ...
Hey there!  There is an awesome App you can download for FREE - Sections Pro  Matt is the developer, I had found him on twitter and he is super responsive with any questions or issues! I had asked if he could even make a Gift Card Upsell Section and ...
Good Morning, Dan. I switched this last night, however I woke up to 4 spam customer accounts exactly how Emlyn had replied below.  Is there any other alternative to deter this from happening?! Thank you!
Yes! This is the exact same thing that I am experiencing… “Customer was created” and “Classic Account” is the only positive way to identify these accounts without accidentally deleting an authentic customer. 
Hello everyone,  I've been trying to combat the issue of fake/spam customer accounts from being made. I am not entirely sure how they are being made, but after reading articles, and other posts on here - I sort of understand how.  I have done everyth...
Hello Amit, and thank you for your reply.  I have replied to Ketan above, if you'd like you can also touch on those issues listed above too.  Thank you!
Hello Ketan and thank you for replying.  The majority of my issues with Klaviyo are when I use my Shopify POS system to add a new subscriber, Klaviyo seems to skip on sending them the welcome series flow e-mail or rather just doesn't even acknowledge...
Hello everyone,  I've been running an online and box sporting good's store for almost a year now. I've used both Klaviyo and Shopify Marketing to run (some) campaigns and automated flows.  I've had a lot of issues with Klaviyo and having it sync new ...
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