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Hi, How can I make customers buy from secret links only by using no app?I want to offer the products only to the ones who subscribe the mailing lists. Thank you in adavance! 
Thanks for your reply. I don't mind JavaScript or Liquid. 
Hi,I am using Dawn. The following code is working well to redirect from /collections to another URL.However when I add /collections/all, the website won't redirect from either /collections or /collections/all. How can I add /collections/all?  I can't...
Hi, I am using Dawn theme. In featured-collection on the mobile, the pagination in the carrousel doesn't show the total item number shown in the carrousel.  There are 12 items in the carrousel, but it shows 11. Attached is the video.https://www.loom....
Hi, I would like to create a page for whole seller to sign in or create an account as follows.Is it possible to create one by using wholesale app, or do I need the coding or make a sub-domain? Thank you in advance! 
Hi,I am using Dawn theme. I set the javascript to redirect from valid URLs  https://0ssjyuvox4gmyu1y-62809473262.shopifypreview.com/searchhttps://0ssjyuvox4gmyu1y-62809473262.shopifypreview.com/collectionsto this URL.https://0ssjyuvox4gmyu1y-62809473...
Thank you so much! The section looks perfect now.
Hi, I am using Dawn theme. The 3rd featured-collection on this homepage looks messy.https://qyoqwzd6gzyazsy7-62809473262.shopifypreview.com How can I fix this? Thank you in advance. 
Hi,  I would like to redirect these valid URLs  /collections /search to /collections/all?pf_st_fan_mai_zhuang_kuang=in-stock How can I do this? Thank you in advance! 
Hi, I am using Dawn theme. How do you add sold out badges on the top page? https://firekids.jp/ The sold out badges goes where the prices are. The prices would be deleted and the word "SOLD OUT" would be there. instead. If impossible, I would like to...
Hi,  I want to hide the price when out of stock and display it again when back for sale.  How do you do this? Featured Collectionhttps://w2sgcbj29buahkpi-62809473262.shopifypreview.com/ Product pagehttps://w2sgcbj29buahkpi-62809473262.shopifypreview....
@Hirano_00  ありがとうございます!上記のURLで作ったのですが、3階層にならないんです・・・
現在このパンくずリストを使用しています。ブログの詳細ページに行ったときは詳細ページのタイトルが以下のように表示されます TOP > 詳細ページのタイトル これを、 TOP > ブログ > 詳細ページのタイトル  の3階層にするにはどうすればいいでしょうか? {% unless template == 'index' or template == 'cart' or template == 'list-collections' %} <nav class="breadcrumb leadi...
@Dan-From-Ryviu Thank you.When I typed the code, the button looks like this.I don't want the underline underneath the button image, only the text.  https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/video/21857173?key=d47726ff96b9d5793987ac75701103ba
Hi here is the button I coded.https://k41qdbx52ltq4oeh-57309069474.shopifypreview.com When the mouse is hovered on the text, the underline animation shows, but not the button image.How do you show the underline animation when the mouse is hovered on ...
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