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Any way to disable PayPal for sales not in the default currency?PayPal's currency conversion fees are too high and I don't want to take payments in foreign currencies using PayPal, but I do want to take payments in my default store currency using Pay...
Hello. We are closing for a few weeks. We want to keep taking orders. I intend to change the shipping service names to include a warning that orders will not be dispatched until we return. My question is: do we get penalised in any way for having 'la...
The variant IDs matched to the variant SKU would be enough.It's to include them in a catalogue feed for Idealo.
I'd like to export all variant IDs (e.g. ?variant=53195325365555) Cheers!
Thank you for this detailed response. I did have a look at the app Exemptify and I will probably go with it. The instructions you provided are not possible to follow with my settings pages. There is no mention of exemptions here:  Any ideas? Thank yo...
Thank you. Do you know the name of the app?
Hello - is there a way to remove VAT at checkout on eligible B2B intra-community deliveries within the EU and Northern Ireland?
Thanks for the response, Daniel. I would liken it to having an option to pay a utility bill by Direct Debit and receive a discount because it costs less for them to process the remittance. For PayPal, the fees are usually higher than other payment ga...
Cheers, Daniel. I agree, different prices at checkout would make for an inconsistent buyer experience. My business is arts & crafts supplies mainly. Shopify going well, just the issue of traffic to handle. From a business perspective, I hate PayPal. ...
is it A) legal and B) possible in Shopify to charge a fee (based on cart total) if the buyer chooses PayPal as the payment option? to cover the higher fees.
Hello everybody.New to Shopify and love it.So we have a margin-based pricing structure where the total order value affects the total profit in the order. I have managed to incorporate this in our Shopify store by doing the following: goods price cont...
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