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Hi David, I've chosen to display Dollars Off instead of Percentage Off. I've got it working, but it's not updating when I select a different variant? It just shows the Dollars Off amount for the initial variant that was selected. Thanks!
Using Dawn 7.0 theme - which file do I place code for custom footer that I want to use across all pages on the entire site? Thanks!
For anyone who has this issue here is the working code to be placed in the onVariantChange() function in global.js: var checkedValue = document.querySelector('.product-form__input input:checked').value;document.getElementById("size-value").innerHTML ...
Thanks for the reply, I'm using Dawn 7.0 theme. Any guidance is appreciated!
In main-product.liquid I have added the following code to display the Variant title in a span tag above the variant pills: <span class="size-value">{% assign current_variant = product.selected_or_first_available_variant %}{{ current_variant.title }}<...
Thank you so much!
Hi there, Looking to add the price of the item to Add to cart button in Dawn theme in the format of "Add to cart - $X". Would need to work for a product with variants, and update if the Quantity is increased.
Thank you for this code! Is there any way to show updated price on the Add to cart button if Quantity is increased?
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