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We are looking for help adding an option at checkout. When a customer purchases a product (we sell high value goods) we would like there to be an additional box for them to tick if they would like to pay £10 more for courier insurance. Can anyone hel...
Thanks, I will look in to it,Do you also have some info on how to reduce the navigation bar? Does this need to be done with the codes?
Ok so we need to remove the primary domain and add it again as if it was new?Wont this affect the downtime on our site if we are waiting for 123-reg to run the new details and validate the domain? have out old domain redirecting to the new one too, as you can see.
Thank you again, I am in the domain settings now. How do I add the domain (without the www.) so it redirects to the correct one?When trying to add it under domain settings it is asking me to register it like normal. Or do you mean domain settings in ...
We have that at the moment, see here: we try removing and adding this again? Thanks for the help
Thanks for the heads up, we will shorten that to just 2-3 category links. I think I have found the issue, we are always used to type the URL in with no www. at the beginning, when we add that it is fine. Can we do something to correct that so if a cu...
Thank you. It was by 123-reg and linked, there was issues but we rectified all of those and it seems to be fine now. I will keep an eye on it and see how it goes this week.
So we recently rebranded our site which meant connecting a new domain. It seems to have been working okay the last few days but today I can not access the site on Chrome, I tried in incognito and it worked once and then didnt. I then tried mobile whi...
We are trying to connect an existing domain to our shopify store (changing domain) we have checked everything is correct with 123reg and they have confirmed but it has been 48 hours now and Shopify is showing it not connected and with issues (which w...
Hi. I have sent you a message with the info.
On our home page we have shop now button, on the PC view it is fine and works okay but on mobile view the button is out of line and doesn't sit right.Image attached, could someone let me know how to edit this or send me the code please?
We are looking to add a live chat to our website but we need one which also has an app which can be added to our iPhones as we are not always in front of the PC. Can anyone recommend a app which has this too.
Sent you a message, thanks 
As you can see below this is our home page, we would like to edit the shop now button so its at the centre and bottom of the image and made clearer. Also edit the text position above that so it is in line with the logo and also most the logo position...
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