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Hey, It seems that this ticket is still marked as unsolved, have you managed to fix the issue? 
Hi, You can change the menu font size in Pipeline theme by using a similar CSS to the below:@media (max-width:768px) { .header__wrapper nav a, .header__wrapper nav span { font-size: 20px !important; } }Adding the above at the end of your theme.css ...
You can center the image along with the buttons by using the following CSS:@media (min-width:768px) { .section-template--19454625448201__image_with_text_gqapcM-padding .image-with-text__grid { display: block; } .section-template--19454625448201__im...
You are currently having a style within your custom.css file that overwrites the button color. To change the submit color, you can use the below CSS:.product-form__submit { background-color: #00306c !important; } 
Well, as I've stated above, I'd need to see the website.
Hello, Can you share your website link? A possible fix could be the below CSS:form button { background:black !important; }You can test by adding it at the end of your base.css or main.css file. For a more exact answer, I'd need to see the website. Ch...
Hello, Centering an image is pretty straight forward, and can be done with a similar CSS:@media (min-width:768px) { img { margin: 0 auto; } } The above code would affect all images on your website - you will want it adjusted to target only that image...
Hi, You can achieve this by adding the below CSS at the end of your theme.css file..boost-sd__product-image-wrapper { aspect-ratio: 1 !important; }   Cheers!
Not possible through CSS, you'd need HTML adjustments too.
Hi there, You can change the first letter in a word by using the below CSS:.newsletter h2::first-letter { color: red; }Adding the CSS at the end of your base.css file should render as the following screenshot.  I couldn't find the 'F' in the body s...
Sorry, I can't further assist without knowing more information. The code that I've provided is working on the theme that you've indicated, but without knowing the website I can't have an exact answer.
Hello, Some themes are using base.css instead of theme.css file. Assuming that the CSS you've provided is correct, adding it at the end of your base.css file should be working as expected. Please note that your provided code is intended to hide an el...
Hello, Can you confirm that the two images are you using are having the same size? If both images are having the same size and the elements still renders differently, it may be due to the inner text contents length. If this is the case, a possible fi...
Glad to hear that I could be of help! Regarding your question of adjusting this further, unfortunately, assuming the current structure, it wouldn't be possible through plain CSS -  at least not in a 'clean' way. Cheers!
You can paste it at the end of your theme.css or base.css file. Let me know if you encounter any issues.
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