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Hi Elias, Thanks for your solution. Hey quick question do you know who can help me fix issues with google search console? 
Hi there, Im inputting my details for google merchant center and need to add my checkout url. in this formatbut it doesnt work, can anyone advise please  
Hi Miles this hasnt worked for me can you help?
Amazing thank you! I will give this a go. Quick question before I update the code. It wont change the way its currently viewed on the desktop? Thanks again for the solution 
Hi im trying to remove 'tax included'. But when I click actions next to my dawn theme it doesn't have the edit languages option? 
I am using the dawn theme and I would like my blog posts to sit under each other on a mobile rather than sliding accross, does anyone know how i can fix this?
Hi there Im trying to remove tax included. But when i go into my theme it does not display the edit languages option?  this is all the options that dropdown. Hope you can help 
Im really struggling its not letting me create a support request.
Hi Victoria,how do i get a specialist to look at the back end of my website to help.the error message reads Parameter Missing or Invalid: Required parameter missing or invalid: items
My products wont add to cart in dawn theme? please can someone help?This is the error message
Anyone know how to reduce letter spacing and change font size on afterpay in the Dawn theme. 
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