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Bio: Waqar Ahmad is a Professional Digital Marketer at Shopify. Shopify is one of the biggest E-Commerce stores where you will find the latest and amazing ...

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The theme may not be compatible with the ShopifyQuantitySelector plugin. You may also have a conflict with another plugin or piece of code on your site. If the issue persists, try disabling other plugins one by one. If the problem is still same so ki...
Hi @Sul2022 Yes, I can help you. I know about an excellent Extendons App that will be very beneficial to you. Please take a look at WhatsApp Chat Order App. I suggest this Shopify Whatsapp Plugin, by using this app you can also send order notificatio...
Hi @Auraandstones  hope you are doing well. If you are facing the same issue kindly try Extendons Quantity Selector. With the help of Shopify Minimum Order Quantity App You can create and customize a button for increase or decrease, and replace the o...
Hi @synergy , if you are running an online business and want to generate amazing revenue. I highly recommend WhatsApp Chat Order Support App. As you mentioned that your customers are unable to place orders properly. So, you can make your customers' l...
According to the above mentioned scenario, I have a good solution for you because I also faced the same issue. I know about application which is highly recommended to you. Kindly try Extendons shopify vat app. With this app, you can clarify tax deduc...
Hi dear, I have a solution for you kindly have a look. This Extendons Shopify VAT App helps you display prices with tax to appeal to both business and individual buyers. Allow businessmen to negotiate product prices before tax. You can customize the ...
Hi @DramaRoc57 Hope you are doing well, If you want customer satisfaction on buying your product, I just found a better solution for this. Let's try this useful Shopify pay what you want app. This tool enables the setting of pricing rules for store i...
Hi @paint-cabin111, Thank you for letting me know you're having trouble with the quantity selector. I can understand the impact this must have on your business. If you are looking for alternative app or theme, Extendons Quantity Selector with 24/7 su...
Hi @Nojus1, Hope you are doing well. If your quantity selector Is not working well OR you facing any other issue related to Quantity Selector Button. Kindly try shopify quantity increments app, hope you enjoy significant sales and enhanced customer e...
If you are facing problem with this theme, kindly now try this shopify extendons app. The Extendons Shopify quantity plus minus app will captivate your store's users with its friendly and easy-to-use interface. You can make it easier for them to choo...
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