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Hi All,  I would be grateful if you could help with setting up a redirect for the query page. Essentially, product pages contain a link to Vendor name but when I click it it takes me to query string. I'm trying to set a redirect from the query URL to...
Same issue here and I can't understand what's happening. I don't see any directives to noindex the pages but all USA version pages of my website are excluded because of the "'noindex' detected in 'X-Robots-Tag' http header". If you find anything, ple...
Hi Guys, I'm stuck with the import of translations for metafields. If I understand it correctly, I need to use meta fields IDs in the import file. However, I don't understand how to export them from shopify first. Tried searching and using various ap...
Hi Guys, I believe I'm not the first one who asks this question but I tried searching and haven't found anything useful.Essentially, I want to redirect customers to specific website subfolders (en-eu/ , en-us/ ) based on their location.As I can see, ...
Hi Everyone,  Does anyone have an experience of uploading international prices via CSV files? Can someone share their template file?I tried following instructions in Shopify but I got really weird errors that I cannot find the reasons for.For example...
Hi Guys, Very quick question. I need to add a script to checkout and I need to add the order id and order total parameters to it.Can someone advise on the name of those parameters? What should I put?  <script>mt('track', 'Order Completed', {orderId: ...
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