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Hello!  We have two separate shopify stores, one for our .ca & one for our .com.  I am thinking about combining them (For SEO & PCC purposes) but don't know how difficult this might be or if its even possible.  A few things: - The currency will have ...
Ya im also looking into Zapier for connecting Account Edge with the site you tried this? 
Yes its terrible. This is what they said when I asked for an alternative: "Unfortunately we do not have an alternative solution, you would have to process orders manually, our team is in the process of creating an alternative solution but I do not ha...
This is the response I just got from AE: Unfortunately earlier in 2022, Shopify decided that they did not want to integrate with any software that was not web-based. The decision was made suddenly, without notice. This effectively killed the sync scr...
We have a Shopify Store and use AccountEdge to process our orders. Yesterday the "Process Web Orders" was not connecting to our Shopify Orders and when I click the app on Shopify I get: HTTP Status 404 - The requested resource is not available. Any I...
I'm not sure how it was set up (it was done by someone else). I just removed the contact form from the website. 
Hello! I deleted our contact form on our website however we still receive submissions from it, mostly bots/ spam. Does anyone know why we are still receiving emails from this deleted contact form? Any help would be greatly appreciated!   
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