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If your a still looking for a answer. Add a Link with the href="{{ block.settings.products1.url }}"
Hey @Aman_Verma. Please make sure to explain what you are trying. Currently you are looping through section Blocks on collection pages with the selected template. There is also a grid item included, which is probably the product card. If you want to ...
There are multiple ways to do that. Easiest solution would be to find the html element in your code and add style="width:350px;"
Your welcome! Can you please explain and give screenshots to make sure what you want.
Try and replace the price.liquid with:
Actually a snippet is rendered where the price is show. It should be called: price.liquid - there we can add or look for the compare price.
You can save it and upload it as a file.
This is what you need to do:Go in to your code editor and look for base.css -> input[type='checkbox'] and add: accent-color: #fbc8be; It should look like this:input[type='checkbox'] {display: inline-block;width: auto;margin-right: 0.5rem;accent-color...
We probably need the main-product.section check if there is a called similiar to this.l
You can post it here so others can see how to edit it.
Hey @FOP ! Can you please share your Store URL? So i can provide you the css code you need to add to your theme.css file. Thanks!
Hey @mdesnica95 ! You need to replace this part {{ | link_to: routes.root_url }} with your FullShopName. Have a nice day
Hey @Sande1 ! The problem is, that the liquid variable is not in your product template. You need to add the {{ product.compare_at_price }} and use a money filter. Most themes already support the compare price variable. If you can share your product p...
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