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Bio: I’m a Frontend Developer based in the UK. I have over 10 years design & development experience in freelance, agency and in-house, covering B2B and B2C...

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You can implement it like so...Added an optional onClick to the AddToCartButton component:  /** Optional onclick prop */ onClick?(event: React.MouseEvent<HTMLButtonElement>): void; Then in the product form/wherever your Add to Cart button is called, ...
I believe this feature is only available to Shopify Plus stores. You can do basic customisation I believe but you cannot completely customise the checkout flow unless you are on a Plus plan. It is a down side as its so costly for the Plus plan but I ...
As Aaron_Kroontje has said uninstalling and reinstalling the app works to bring it back online. I would also recommend leaving a comment on why you are uninstalling it to let the devs know it has been bugging out.
The course you have uploaded to Udemy is incomplete? It ended abruptly during data request flow... and it's not explained anything about how to build themes or deploy. Also there is no coding at all just a high-level view on what Hydrogen is and what...
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