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For the last few years our store conversion was more or less equal to the checkouts (sales) / sessions.  (Within a tenth or a %).   For the last few months our Shopify conversion rate is completely random and often 1/10th, (yes, no joke, 1/10th) of c...
Hey Oscar - we are on the middle plan and it works for us.  Just be careful when making changes - always worth backing up the product before messing with values in xml
Sadly our current solution is to add 5g to each item in Shopify and hope that the total roughly reflects reality.  For a single item we're slightly under, and for larger orders we are over.  Far from ideal.
We have the same problem.  Our conversion rate is very low despite very good sales.  All the numbers are wrong.  I cannot see why cookies etc. would affect this as Shopify have their own statistics based on internal metrics.  Not sure about G4A, but ...
Hi @ignelis_ - i've actually just sorted this via an answer way down in another thread.  The solution for me was really simple - i disconnected Google Ads from my Google setup and the additional tags have gone.  I guess some changes within Google Ads...
Universal Analytics is dead.  Long live the king.  Anybody know how to stop Shopify from loading the old UA tracking code alongside the newer GA4 code?  Many thanks!  
I've found a nice work-around for this problem.  I discovered the reason for the strange behaviour is the 422 error caused by the AJAX return that stops any more code from running.  I flip the logic and default the page to only show cart is empty (ra...
I should add, that if I remove that last piece of code from cart-template.liquid, then I get the error message in the cart when trying to add too many items of one product, but don't get the "your cart is empty" redirect on an empty cart...
We have two problems caused when there's insufficient stock of a product.  Firstly, if a customer tries to add more than the available product into the basket, it appears that nothing happens. (you don't get the added to basket message, or insufficie...
Ok, thanks.  I'll try to find out where that's coming from.  
Ah, apologies, that's just the top level.  The page I'm seeing this is a product page: 
Thanks for replying!  Our site is
Whilst analysing our Shopify site speed using PageSpeed Insights I noticed there is javascript for 3 google tags being loaded.    The first is our G4A.  The last is the old AW tag which I'd like to now remove, but don't know how.  Any ideas?And final...
On Google PageSpeed insights we see that YouTube javascript is being loaded on all our pages:Any idea if / why this is needed and how to remove?   We don't have any video showing on our site.  We use gempages and Debut theme. Thanks!
Any updates on this?  Really bizarre what we are seeing on our store
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