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 Hide sold-out variantsTheme:Ride
edit the color of the button when it is sold out  
How to edit this button "Sold Out"
how to design the out of stock button colortheme : Ride
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How can I do it 
Hello @JosephK let's say the stock limit is 3, when the counter reaches 3, the increase or add arrow will lock or disappear, and for the stock, I already have them set in each product 
helloI'm trying to get the stock counter in the product page and cart page not go over the available stock, I don't want the client to put the stock then it puts the out of stock message, I want the counter to be limited from the product page.  want ...
Hoping to get help and changing the mobile product grid display from 1 item per row to2 items per row.How to change that to display two items per row? Both on home page and collections page? pass: 12345678theme "Ride" 
@Uhrick  Thank you very much it really worked, but how can i make the hero in the homepage excluded from this code and show image as "cover"  
@gr_trading it worked but now images are extended in height   
gave you access@Uhrick 
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