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To follow up, just had this amazing response from seller support; "I have reached out to the Capital team and they have confirmed what I mentioned in our chat previously. They mention that the remittance rate cannot be changed and you are bound to ab...
As I can't get a sensible answer from seller support, can someone from Shopify please confirm how Shopify Capital repayments will now work as you've scrapped the eBay integration. Previously my repayment was 10% of combined Shopify and eBay sales, wh...
So, I've now made the switch, to LitCommerce, it's not cheap but I can pull my Etsy integration into it as well. Here's the fun part.  These jokers at Shopify haven't realised my Shopify Capital payments were previously 10% of Shopify and eBay sales ...
@Shopify Are you listening?  You're letting your customers down.  It's much easier to shift away from Shopify without free integration - that you promised...
I too am gutted about this.  The only reason I chose Shopify above the many others is because of the integration with eBay.  I assume Shopify will be dropping their prices now they can't offer everything they promised to begin with?  Right???
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