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Hi @originmaster did you understand how to register new webhooks on a public app? I try to find a way too, and the classic method don't seems to work!
Hi @Dan_West , I cannot give you an app who makes the same design than the Amazon cart but I have develop an app to make the cart persistent for days and sync on all the device the customer will be used. Just like Amazon's carts. If you are intereste...
Hi @charneytibay , You can see the activities linked to the order on the order page like this: I don't know if it's you're wanted to. Best regards,Clement.
Hi @maanst, Perfect, glad this has been resolved .
HI @schokola , Great, glad that helped . For information, if the webhook call from Shopify do not get a 200 response quickly, it will considered that the call failed and it will be retry in a moment.It seems to me that a webhook is retry 19 times ov...
Hi @maanst , Is it just the "s" character or all the characters you put first?Is it the same if the character is not capitalized? Regards,Clement. 
Hi @schokola , I'm not familiar with Shopify Flow but I can suggest you to use the webhook order create (or paid) instead.With this webhook, every time an order is created, Shopify will sends all the information to the URL you specify. Another thing ...
Hi @jamesabodehaven, Can you provide a screenshot of these weird symbols?Could you also give us an example of a description that you import? Best regards,Clément.
Hi @Erik_Abrio, First of all, a little tips when you get specific metafield on an object. You can query it like this :{customer(id: "gid://shopify/Customer/2554556556556"){ id example_metafield: metafield(namespace: "global", key: "example") ...
Hi @learnerSquad , As you can see in the example of a cart webhook, there is no customer information in it.Here is the documentation (with example) of all the webhook topic.  I don't think it's possible to have this information on a cart change by ap...
Hi, Do you have add the schema settings in you liquid file that you import?Do you use the theme extension framework?
Hi, Is it on a public app ?  Which webhooks are you trying to register?Do you have a log error to provide us?
Hi, After discussing with the Shopify support for this case, it happens that the "Subscription Charge Expired" in this case is not really a problem. A subscription charge is created when the merchant opens the page where he can accept the charge.If h...
Hi @mckrapp , No, it didn't. Shopify use cookie to save the cart, so it wont be sync on mobile. That's why we've developed an app that does that. To create the perfect customer journey with a cross device cart.Don't hesitate to test our app with the ...
Hi, We have been develop a Cart Sync App that could be a solution for you, here is the link: CrossDeviceCart.Don't hesitate to test it with the trial days  Send me a direct message if you want to know more about it. I hope this will suits you.Clemen...
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