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Yes, sorry for the confusion. my password is password1234.
Hi everyone, thank you in advance for the help. I am using Streamline and there is an option to add text with logos at the top. I was able to find where these logos are located and I would like some help coding to add my own please. I've attached a s...
Hey there,  I've replied please
I believe I was misunderstanding you. If I want products to be separated not only horizontally but also vertically like on this website, what do I do please? Both a vertical and horizontal line.
The horizontal lines do not appear. Here is my website:
Yes, I added a new section on a duplicate of my website. Named it "horizontalline", deleted everything that was in the section and pasted the code above. Then press saved.
Hello, I copied and pasted the code as mentioned above. By it didn't work, I mean the horizontal lines did not appear when I saved and previewed.
Hello, It did not work. I tried that before using the other option.
I tried as a liquid file and did not get any errors, it just did not work. When I tried as a json, here is the mistake that read.
Hello, I duplicated my website and followed the steps but it did not work.
I'm searching for a solution to add horizontal lines between the sections on the main page (like on this site I'm using the Streamline Theme. My store password is password1234. For example, in this page of my website. htt...
Hi there, Having some trouble with trying to reduce my head banner to the smallest size possible. I have attached a picture.This my URL: lewfla Appreciate the help!
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