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Solved: the theme had commented out "{{ content_for_header}} " call and created it's own version, which the docs specifically say not to do..... Which also answers my question about how al...
When I said "how does it get into the page code?", I meant "how does the UA- tracking script get into the generated page code?"
Hi. When you put the Google UA id into the field in Shopify settings, how does it get into the page code? Does it get magically inserted by Shopify? Or does it need something in the theme to call it? I changed theme and now Tag Assistant Legacy (chro...
For anyone searching later that might find this, I moved the GA script into GTM, added GTM script to the checkout, and added the datalayer variables in GTM so they get sent to GA properly. All good now.
Hi. I'm using UA via the inbuilt settings. Enhanced ecommerce was turned off.In December:Shopify reports 49K revenueUA reports 43K revenue.About 2K disappeared in ReCharge subs and the other 3K might be something like slow scripts on order-status pag...
Hi @JuliaKulch @Superfoods Did you solve this? I'm getting the same error...
Yeah, expected as much. Cheers.
Main product: 50ml: 32730451443794 100ml: 32732436299858 idea why both...
I think I've found an app that will do logo etc too, so will report back once tested - this won't be for a few weeks though. Cheers for the advice. Keep up the good work 
Hi Victor. The Translate and Adapt app specifically says it doesn't translate media, so I'm wondering how to change the logo for the new market, and other images on the homepage.
Client works in multiple markets / countries. However, they've been told due to trademarks that one country needs different branding and domain name. So they will create 5 products, essentially the same as original products, but with different packag...
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